Through vocals and instruments this dynamic team prepares the way for our guests to encounter the presence of the living God.

Vocals Team: This team uses their vocal skills and abilities to lead the church into worship. 

Band Team: This team uses their skills and talents on instruments to lead the church into worship.



Bring your creativity and tech savvy to this team that reaches people by delivering the Word and worship through camera, lighting, and other visual elements.

Screens Team: This team works to display visual elements on our screens during our worship experience. They run videos, sermon promotions, sermon graphic slides, worship backgrounds, worship lyrics, and sermon notes during our worship experiences. 

Lighting Team: This team displays lighting during worship experiences, worship sets, worship concerts, and sermons. 

Sound Team: This team engineers the sound for our Worship team and speakers for the best audio quality.  

Live Video Team: This team engineers films and produces all Experience and Ministries videos.

Stage Setup: Stage Setup is a team that works together to set the stage with any tables, podiums, props, or designs to enhance the Sunday Experience.



This energetic team serves the guest of Life Church by creating an awesome first impression. They are passionate about making our guests and members feel welcome, safe, and right at home.

Parking: This fun and enjoyable team is truly the first impression of Life Church! If you relish the great outdoors and enjoy telling people where to go, this is the team for you!

Greeter: This team welcomes guests with a smile, encouragement and personal touch so that hearts are open to the Gospel message.  They help prepare people for a positive worship experience by assisting to the auditorium. 

Guest Services: This team is responsible for operating the Guest Services Desk. This team answers questions about Life Church, guides people’s next steps at Life Church, and serves as a hub of information about all things Life Church.

Auditorium: This team is responsible for collecting offering, helping to maintain distraction free environment and connecting with guests inside the auditorium.

Baptism: This team facilitates and executes amazing baptism experiences for people who are making their first steps in following Jesus. They make sure towels, toiletries, and Raised to Life shirts are given to people who are getting baptized. They also take information, answer questions, and pray with our baptismal candidates.



This group of people uses their skills and talents to reach others with life-giving messages of Jesus. The creatives do this in the form of videos, stories of life change, animations, creative elements for worship experiences, LifeGroup campaigns, weekly news packages and really any form of media they can get their hands on.

Graphic Design: This team of people create artwork for message series, church events, LifeGroup campaigns and Serve Team initiatives.

Creative Video: This team creates videos that tell stories of life change, promote message series and produce Life Church news videos.

Stage Design: This team uses their creative skills to create awesome stage designs that engage our church in worship and message series.

Social Media Marketing: This team communicates to our community and church about events, message series and information that will connect people via social media, the Life Church app, website and printed material.

Photography: This team uses their creative skills to tell the story of our church through photography.



This team works diligently behind the scenes to maintain a spirit of excellence in every area of our church. They make sure our campus looks and functions with excellence.

Maintenance: This team helps with the physical upkeep of our campus. They are responsible for building and repairing the building at our campus. 

Events: This team helps set up and team down for LC events and experiences



The purpose of Life Church Safety Team is to ensure a worship experience free of both internal and external distractions and/or disruptions. Team members should be alert for any behavior, item, or person that could endanger or distract anyone who is attending a Life Church experience or event.



Put your love and passion for technology into action where your investment is cultivated creating an environment God can move in. This team handles all network infrastructure from WAN to LAN, wireless, and security. In addition, this team handles all video surveillance.



This team is the heart of Life Church, because we believe that real life change happens in the context of relationships. Life Groups are the greatest opportunity for you to connect with others, fulfill your passion and live out a life of ministry.

Life Group Host: Life Group hosts have the greatest opportunity to connect with others, fulfill your passions, develop your gifts and live out the Great Commission.

Life Group Trainer: This team helps plan and lead trainings for new hosts, host check-ins, host leadership development trainings and all related activities/events of LifeGroups.



This team spreads the love of Christ to the whole world. From feeding people at local homeless shelter to building orphanages for children in other countries, our mission team is passionate about sharing Christ by becoming His hands and feet. This ministry focuses on local, national, and global missions projects. 

Local Missions Team: This team focuses on local mission projects that invest in Houma, LA and the surrounding areas. This team organizes our annual Community Easter Egg Hunt, Families Serving Families, Pack a Sack School Drive, and works with local orphanages and homeless shelters. 

National Missions Team: This team works with church planters across our state and nation and partners with them to further the Gospel. This team works to bless other pastors and churches by helping them with any project they need. 

Global Missions Team: This team works on missions projects that are based out of the country. They work with international orphanages, missionaries, and international church plants to further the Gospel.



Join the team that is growing the next generation! This ministry includes engaging services, age appropriate Life Groups, retreats and missions trips for 7-12 grade and young adults!

Jr. High Team: This team serves students from grades 7-8. They engage these students with relevant life teaching, exciting activities, life changing missions trips and LifeGroups that speak to them. 

Sr. High Team: This team serves students from grades 9-12. They engage this students with relevant life teaching, fun activities, life changing missions trips, and LifeGroups that are engaging. 

Young Adults Team: This teams serves the single college students and young adults of Life Church. They help establish friendships and help young adults face today’s issues.



This Team provides love and compassion as needed to individuals in a Christ-like manner.

Hospital Visitation: Visiting individuals after surgery, childbirth or extended hospital stays due to illnesses. This team shows care and compassion by praying with people and doing short devotions when appropriate. 

Shut-In Visitation: Visit individuals that are no longer able to attend the Worship Experience due to illness, age or a situation that keeps them home bound. This is an opportunity for you to pray or share Jesus with them. 

Funeral Care: Being the host or hostess when a funeral takes place to support the family. This includes setting up refreshments/coffee/water for the family. This also includes greeting and opening the auditorium doors when a funeral takes place at Life Church. This team show loves to people in a time of crisis. 

Meal Prep: This team prepares meals as life events occur. These meals are cooked and delivered to individuals for surgeries, funerals or some type of Crisis situation. A plan of action is put in place by Care Team Coordinator and Life Group leader of individuals affected, then you are notified. This team likes cooking and seeing people nurtured in their time of need.

Care Baskets: This team prepares baskets and delivers to the motel for Life Church guest speakers. This team is for crafty individuals or just love helping to create a warm welcome. 

Heart for the House: This team serves during the week cleaning, organizing and working on special projects as they occur. This team is for individuals that have a heart to keep Life Church clean and loves helping!



This ministry creates an environment where children are consistently exposed to the real love of Jesus. They intentionally invest in the lives of our children through worship, videos, skits, LifeGroups, greeting, games and more.

LC Kids Check-In: This team welcomes families as they arrive at our LC Kids areas and facilitates the check-in process that ensures children are cared for effectively and efficiently.

LC Nursery: This team leads children into a real relationship with Jesus through Bible stories, worship, prayer, hands-on activities and personal interactions.

LC Kindergarten & Elementary: This group of people help create a worship experience that children love to attend. They play videos, sing worship music, and teach bible based messages that are fun and exciting!

LC Special Care: This team provides a safe place filled with love for those with special needs.

LC Special Events: This team puts on events for children to spread the love and Jesus and bring families and friends together.

JR Serve Team: This team helps students transitioning from LC Kids to LC Students find a place to connect and grow on the Serve Team.

Child Dedication: At Life Church, we believe that children are a gift from God. We offer parents the opportunity to dedicate their child to God during our 9am experience several times a year. Child dedication is a time for parents to publicly make a commitment to God, before their family and the church, that they will raise their child to love God, know Jesus, and pursue His presence in their child’s life.



This team of trained intercessors covers the weekend experiences. Join the team that is blazing the trail for God in Houma through prayer!

Altar Workers: This team is trained to pray for people during and at the end of our worship experiences. They help others pray for salvation, healing, deliverance, and other needs. 

Worship Experience Intercessors: This group of people gathers before every worship experience to pray over that specific experience. They cover everyone who is involved in that worship experience in prayer. It is their prayer that our Serve Team helps someone connect to Jesus in a powerful way.  

Prayer Force: This team is called upon to pray in times of great urgency. They will receive a text, a call, or an email with prayer requests that needs to be covered in prayer.



This team works to connect people to a ministry or life group of their choice. They are dedicated to using their skills to help people discover their purpose, gifts, and passions through our four step process. 

Discover Life Hosts: As the official hosts of Discover Life, this team greets guests as well as provides materials and assistance throughout our four classes.



This team exists to coordinate volunteer efforts for all aspects of Life Church—inside and outside the four walls of the building.

Serve Team Central: This team hosts our Serve Team members in Serve Team Central by providing food and encouragement during worship experiences and special events.